Robert is Here! in Florida City, FL


The name is strange and so are the fruits. Down in the Homestead area, there’s only one place to go for exotic tropical fruit: Robert is Here.

There’s nothing better than trying out all of the tropical fruit that is grown in south Florida. Having never really visited the area, I had no idea that Florida grows much more than just oranges. They have the usual suspects like litchi, mangoes and passionfruit, but you can also find mamey sapote, jackfruit and tons of other delicious fruits. Robert is Here is a one stop shop for those and a lot more.


As soon as we stepped into the market, I knew I was in heaven. Here were many of the fruits I grew to love in Asia and now I found them in America! (Just a tad bit more expensive though!!!) The first thing I noticed were the free samples, naturally. There were two different varieties of mango to try, so I went to town. One was probably the best mango I have ever eaten, hands down.


Beyond gorging myself on free mangoes, I picked up a mamey sapote (a fruit that kind of tastes a bit like a sweet potato), a few mangoes, a coconut to drink and THE best litchis. While the fruit doesn’t come cheap (27 dollars), it sure is good. Since I had never tasted a sapote before, I asked the bearded man at the counter when it would reach peak ripeness. He spent quite a bit of time talking about the fruit with us and was super nice and informative. Lo and behold, that was Robert himself. Robert is here!


(Just FYI: Other than being a real nice guy, Robert is an astute business man with a heck of a green thumb. He started his stand when he was six, hired his first help by the age of nine and bought his first 10 acres when he was 14. Bet that beats your childhood lemon aid stand, huh?)


I did leave a bit disappointed because I really wanted to try at least one of the many fruit shakes that they whirl up there. Key lime, passion fruit, papaya…They must be good because the line was consistently 10 families deep. There are also many jams and savory spreads to try there too! Just another reason to go back and visit Robert!

Oh, and by the way, all the fruit was SUCCULENT!


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