Getting Sloppy

Key West, Florida doesn’t offer much in the way of idyllic beaches, but it sure makes up for that in other areas. Key West simply excels in the BAR scene. There is something for everyone on that small island 90 miles from Cuba, however there is a lot more if you prefer dive bars and no fancy bitters in your drink.


One of my personal favorites, and I’m sure one of the favorites of many others, is the classic Sloppy Joe’s Bar. Made famous by the amazing ambiance and Hemingway’s mug plastered on their merchandise, it might not be an original choice, but it sure is a good one!


I might be biased because I love anything and everything Hemingway, so the walls covered in Papa pictures and memorabilia really speak to me. This is like a place of legend, even though Hemingway himself never actually went to Sloppy Joe’s at its present location. However, I will say that Sloppy Joe’s makes a good drink and their food isn’t too bad either.


On our first visit, we tried the fried conch, which was one of the better ones that we tried while in Key West. As with other places, I found these to be heavy on the batter and not so heavy on the conch. We also gave the fried calamari a go-pretty standard, but there’s nothing wrong with that. And finally, we dug into the cheese fries. Who doesn’t like a nice portion of fries generously smothered in melted cheese?

The drinks and the food are a bit expensive, but this is a bit of a tourist trap so what do you expect?! Just sit down, sip your margarita, eat the damn conch fritters and get sloppy while Ernest is looking over ya!


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