Cuban food at Casavana in Homestead, FL

One of the most exciting things about going to south Florida was the prospect of getting a lot of great Cuban food. While we didn’t eat as much Cuban food as I had hoped, I definitely got my fix.


Conveniently enough, there was a Cuban place called Casavana right across from our hotel. It wouldn’t have been my top choice, but it was right there. We headed over for a late lunch while we waited for our rooms to be ready. I already knew what I was getting without looking at the menu. Obviously….a Cuban sandwich! I’ve never had one before, so how could you go to south Florida and NOT try one?!? I enjoyed the two different types of ham in the sandwich, but the bread wasn’t my favorite. It seemed dry and almost as if it were a day or two old! That sandwich would have been gone in about two seconds had the bread been better!



The sandwiches with stale bread were surprisingly the high point of our meal because the service was just terrible. We really felt like we were in Cuba since our waitress seemed to have some trouble communicating in pretty basic English. That’s not even a problem for me if she was nice and friendly about it. She wasn’t. Maybe if she was, I would have busted out some of my high school level Spanish to see what it was that the table behind us was eating.

Thankfully, we had decided to get an order of fried plantain chips as an appetizer because the wait for the sandwiches was sooooo long. When you are in the car for 7 hours straight, you don’t want to sit down and wait 45 minutes for a sandwich. Even the check took a long time to get there. We went there the day after for breakfast and the service was slow as molasses again, so it wasn’t just a one time thing either.


On the upside, the coffee is excellent!


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