One to Remember: The Everglades Alligator Farm


If there was one thing from our Florida road trip that I wish we could do again, it would most definitely be our visit to the Everglades Alligator Farm. Hands down, it was the most memorable part of the trip for just about everyone, I’d say. Since there is really not that much in the area, it is also a must-do attraction.


While the farm is less than 15 minutes away from downtown Homestead, it seems like it is a world away. Heading out of Homestead, we soon hit some real country looking roads. Gator country, folks. A desolate country road flanked by palm and coconut trees brought us out to the farm. We bought our tickets for 23 dollars (best 23 dollars ever spent, by the way) and made our way straight for the airboats.


Our trusty Everglades guide, Quentin, got us ready to ride. We were all given a pair of those big protective headphones to drown out the super loud fan. He went over a few basics and we were off into the Everglades wilderness. After a slow start, my main man Quentin tore it up once we hit “open water.” There’s no better feeling than speeding over water and grass out in the middle of nowhere. The Everglades have such a unique beauty about them. While it is not particularly complimented perfectly by a loud boat spinning out 360’s, it sure is a ton of fun. Try to get an aisle seat and don’t wear your Sunday best.


The tour lasted about 25 minutes, which was just fine for me. Airboating is one of those things like riding a camel. Initially you want to go for hours, then once the reality sets in you’re happy you didn’t overdo it.

Once back on the terra firma, we spent another hour or so checking out the rest of the farm. There are alligators in various stages of their development, which is pretty cool to see. The babies are so small, way smaller than I had ever imagined! You can feed them too, which is great fun to watch them snap and climb over each other. Speaking of feeding the gators, they have snack time for the big boys once or twice a day. There are many types of gators and crocs there, plus some species of birds, a puma, and turtles.


After we were done there, the amazing fruit stand Robert is Here is just down the street. It’s a great way to shake off the heat and gator smell. Seriously, get yourselves down to Florida and take an airboat ride. It’s really something to put on your bucket list.



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