Must See: The Hemingway House in Key West, Florida

No visit to Key West is complete without a trip to the Ernest Hemingway House. Even for those who aren’t major fans of the author (like myself), there is plenty to see at 907 Whitehead Street. The day after the incident at Latitudes, I wasn’t looking forward to braving the heat and humidity. Nevertheless, I wasn’t going to let food poisoning get in the way of what I came to Key West for!


Hemingway called Key West home for almost a decade. Although he lived in many places around the world, I and many others associate him the most with Key West for some reason. While living on the island, Hemingway loved to go fishing in the Gulf, belly up at local bars and of course, write. In fact, Hemingway’s Key West years were some of the most productive in his life. Just being able to step foot in his house and studio was completely unreal for me.


(By the way, even if you are not a Hemingway addict, the house is an amazing example of Key West style architecture. The house is kept in marvelous shape and there are some really cool things in there. Vintage tile floors, old bathrooms and a really, really expensive pool! And don’t forget the cats!)


We took a tour around the house while we were there. I would highly suggest going on the tour. Although I didn’t learn anything new about Hemingway, I did pick up some nice information about the history of the house and what Key West was like back in the early 1900’s. Our tour guide Stan was excellent and actually looked a bit like Hemingway himself!



The prices are a bit high (13 dollars) but you have to drag yourself away from Fat Tuesday’s and Sloppy Joe’s once in a while, now don’t you?


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