A Pink Surprise

While in St. Augustine, we picked up a bottle of rosé wine from the local supermarket. San Sebastian Winery is located right in the city and makes a few different varieties, so we thought it would be cool to try this super local wine. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting too much, but I was totally wrong on that count! (Makes me wish we had had better glasses!)


Now, I have a real love/hate relationship with rosé. It’s sometimes a good wine and many times a very poor quality wine. I have yet to taste an excellent bottle, though I shall wait patiently for that day. After living in Provence, which is basically the epicenter of worldwide rosé production, I have definitely tried many a rosé in my time there. The majority of the bottles I have tried are fine to sip under a beach parasol, but nothing to write home about. (Actually, my favorite variety is not from Provence, but from the Anjou region of France. Their rosé has a sweet touch and generally never exceeds 10 dollars a bottle. One of my favorite wines to drink, to be honest.)


Anywho, here I was thinking that if 15-20 euro rosés from Provence didn’t wow me, how could a 10 dollar bottle from North Florida. Boy, was I wrong! This Rosa really surprised all of us. First, the bottle contains native Muscadine grapes, which gives it a rather distinctive taste. The taste would perhaps best be described as “grapey,” for lack of a better term! This worked well with the slight sweetness that was present in the wine. Overall, the taste of the native grapes, the sweetness, and the persistent aftertaste really left us wanting more. The chef and I definitely agreed that it was one of the better rosés we have tried and the parentals were ready to spring for a few more bottles. (Too bad they don’t sell wine on Sunday mornings!!!)

This just goes to show you, there’s really a lot to discover in St. Augustine! Next time a trip to the winery will definitely be in store!


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