Brother Shucker’s in Myrtle Beach, SC

It seems like it is literally impossible to search out and try all of the good restaurants here in the Myrtle Beach area. Some are literally hidden away in veritable shacks in the country while some are snuggled in amongst the anonymity of MB’s many strip malls. Many restaurants we try only after friends go and give us a favorable review, just because there are so many here. Others we try because of a great coupon or deal we hear about. (Hey, I like a good deal, what can I say!)  Last night we got the chance to head over to Brother Shucker’s Fish House in Carolina Forest. (With coupon in tow.)

The first thing that struck me about the restaurant was the tasteful décor. While I was expecting a bar, the restaurant was more upscale casual. There was a nice ocean-y, coastal color theme going on. There were some high tables in the middle near the bar area, which would be a great place to hang out for Happy Hour. Definitely a pleasant surprise on that account.

Once we were seated, I started to peruse the menu. Since it is a seafood restaurant, the majority of dishes are naturally, seafood based. There’s not too much in the line of choices for those who aren’t seafood fans. Since I don’t fall under that category, quite a few things that looked appetizing to me. I was debating between the crab cakes, the ahi tuna and the pecan-crusted salmon. Since my dad ended up getting the salmon, I went for the crab cakes. The internal struggle was real. I was really hoping they would turn out to be a good version of the classic since the price point was on the high side (25$) and I’m not really sure I even like crab cakes.


Well, another surprise: the crab cakes were excellent! There were no fillers or breading to get in the way of the fresh, delicate crab taste. It was simply served with a traditional remoulade sauce that complimented the cake nicely. Since the crab cake itself wasn’t heavily spiced, the sauce did add a nice touch. I wouldn’t hesitate to order that again! It was served with a large dish of oven baked mac and cheese. That would have sent the meal over the top, but for me personally the pasta was way overcooked.

I also got to try the salmon (16$) and the ribeye steak (22$). I really enjoyed the few bites of steak that I tried. It was cooked to rare perfection and had a nice char-grilled flavor. Not what I would order at a seafood restaurant, but the mother wants what the mother wants. As for the pecan crusted salmon, I would love to try this dish on my next trip to Brother Shucker’s. The pecan crust was a nice Southern touch to the meal, but the orange-rum sauce might be overpowering in the long run.


One negative aspect of the meal was the service. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either. Our waitress could have definitely paid more attention to the smaller details of our dinner. There were two times where my water glass was empty for much too long. Also, it’s always nice to ask explicitly if the clients want more bread or anything like that. While it wasn’t a deal breaker, friendlier service would have made the meal that much better.

Taking into account our coupon, we paid almost 55 dollars for dinner for three. While the price for the crab cake meal was a tad bit high, I didn’t mind since it was just so good. We will definitely be back to Brother Shucker’s, though I fear I will fall into the trap of always ordering the same thing!


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