Alfresco Georgetown Bistro in Georgetown, SC

Georgetown might be a small town, but it’s got a lot of character. It’s a great day trip from Myrtle Beach and there is plenty to explore. While I definitely wouldn’t recommend planning a week-long vacation there, you can definitely jam-pack a day (or two) full of activities.

After a quick stop at the uber-delicious Kudzu Bakery, we decided to have a nice lunch at the Alfresco Georgetown Bistro. We were drawn into this quant eatery after seeing a beautiful set up on the sidewalk and some great specials. Needless to say, we also checked the TripAdvisor reviews which rated it as one of the best in town!

From start to finish, I was really impressed by our meal.

First, we really felt welcome in the restaurant thanks to our amazing server. While I can’t remember his name, his great energy really made the meal. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the food was great too!

For an appetizer, my mom and I decided to share the tuna nachos. Since we didn’t ask how these were going to be prepared, I was steadying myself for the worst. I mean, tuna and nachos or even fish and nachos are a weird combo, right!? Well, I wouldn’t be lying if I said that I could have made a meal out of these little babies. The base was a round tortilla chip which was topped with a generous dollop of guacamole. Laid on top was a piece of perfectly seared ahi tuna and a touch of salsa. Although the chips were getting a little soggy, these nachos were AMAZING! The flavors all blended together really well. The only problem was that there were only four small nachos when I really needed like 40!


Moving on to the main dish, I ordered the daily special: salmon with black risotto and spinach. Overall, I was very happy with this lunch special. I did feel it was a tiny bit too salty for my personal taste, but not too salty that I couldn’t eat it. The dish was well presented and the salmon was cooked perfectly. Naturally, I must point out that the black risotto was not risotto at all, but simply black rice. (I’ll save that for a future post: What is risotto?) Portions were fairly large for lunch-I almost finished it all, but I was pushing it. (And saving room for ice cream!) However, in all I felt like it was a pretty healthy choice when it comes to restaurant dining.


All of the dishes on the lunch menu range around the 13 dollar mark, which is a deal when you get a nicely prepared piece of fish or meat. So far, this is definitely my favorite restaurant in Georgetown that I’ve tried so far. Let me know if you try it out or have been!


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