Habibi’s Cafe in Myrtle Beach: MB’s Hidden Secret!

I really think that I’ve uncovered a hidden gem here in Myrtle Beach! Habibi’s Café is a market/restaurant just off of 501 in MB. They have a great store with a lot of Lebanese and specialty products, which can be really hard to find in the area. Attached is a casual eatery and pizzeria.

OMGEEEE guys, I’m still swooning over the food at this place!

I had been dying to try their food and kept putting it off. Once I heard that their stuff was amazing from a true Lebanese connoisseur and another good friend, I knew I MUST get there A.S.A.P.! (Thanks Patty and MH!)

Yesterday’s lunch was to die for! Their menu is short, but definitely contains all of the standards and then some. In my true style, I over ordered since things sounded so good, but then again, what’s new?!

To start off, I ordered one of my absolute faves, kibbeh. For the uninitiated, kibbeh is a magical creation of bulgur wheat, ground lamb, onion and a perfect mix of heady spices. It is fried to crispy perfection on the outside, yet remains almost creamy on the inside.The order of 5 kibbeh was about 12 dollars, but well worth it for such a delicious treat. I would have ordered a single, but unfortunately the order is 5 or nothing! Habibi’s serves them with a yogurt based sauce and an awesome spicy sauce. To cut through all of that richness, there were some homemade turnip pickles on the side.


After that, I decided to go with the sampler platter. Just so I didn’t have to decide! Haha! It came with hummus, baba ghanoush, stuffed grape leaves, falafel, tabbouleh and a warm pita. Ahh, this is what heaven tastes like! Let me tell you, that baba ghanoush was the best I’ve had. Ever. There was a deep smoky flavor that must come only with years of ghanoushing. Smooth and creamy, I could eat a boatload of it. The dip side of the meal was made even better with the addition of the hummus. Light years away from the store bought stuff. Falafel were crispy and spiced just right, a delicacy I don’t eat often enough. The stuffed grape leaves were my least favorite part of the meal. They were all right, BUT given the quality of everything else, I was expecting a lot better. Definitely comparable to pre-made canned versions, these dolmah were the only downside of a great meal. The fresh tabbouleh salad provided a refreshing way to cleanse the palate after a pretty heavy meal. This was the first time I’ve had it prepared in an authentic Lebanese way and it blew me away.



For the above and a gyro sandwich, plus a small tub of their homemade hot sauce, it was 40$. Not cheap, but I was happy to pay for such a great Lebanese meal. And of course, it is priceless to know there’s a great restaurant just down the street from you! (Isn’t it?!?) The staff was lovely, asking how the food was and making sure that we were happy campers.

Just the fact that I’m still dreaming about Habibi’s food should say something, doesn’t it?!

Habibi’s Café & Market

3310 Waccamaw Blvd.

Myrtle Beach, SC


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