Where to Find Italian foods in Myrtle Beach!

Since touching down in Myrtle Beach, I’ve had some serious withdrawal from the Italian products that I love the most. Many things I know that I will never be able to find here. (Among those would be Naples-style pizza, fresh mozzarella made that day, and the amazing selection of cheap, just-in fish.) So far, I have been quite lucky in sussing out some rather unlikely places here at the Beach that sell just what I am seeking.

World Market


World Market, as the name implies, has a pretty good selection of international goods. Here I found Barilla’s Mulino Bianco cookies, which are as ubiquitous there as Chips Ahoy and Oreos are here. Most Italians love to eat them in the morning as their breakfast! World Market also has some great, but expensive, brands of tomato sauce and other yummy foods. P.S. They also sell Kinder chocolates, so approach World Market with CAUTION! Yum!



Costco has tons of Italian foods-in BULK! From authentic Parmigiano to prosciutto, they have some great deals on these more expensive products. In an area that doesn’t have a big Italian population, the quality Costco sells is excellent. Lately, I found they sell an 8 pack of Garofolo pasta (a.k.a. the only brand I use!)!!! The price is just downright cheap and it’s organic! Hopefully my local Costco will get in the mozzarella di bufala, but I’m not holding my breath.

Home Goods


Selling beautiful decorations and food is a dangerous combination! Home Goods just had some artisanal, organic pasta on sale for 2 dollars a bag. Needless to say, I scooped that up ASAP! They also have a great selection of speciality olive oils, salts and seasonings. The key is just to keep your eyes peeled and snag up those sale items when you see them.

The list is just getting started, as I discover more places around the Grand Strand I will be sure to tell you all about them!


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