CO Sushi in Myrtle Beach

CO Sushi in Market Common is one of the restaurants I have been really dying to try. Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to give it a go. To be brutally honest, there were a few things that I really liked and a few things that I hated! This won’t be my last trip to CO Sushi since they have loads of other dishes I need to try!


The hard thing about dining at CO is picking what to eat, especially when eating solo. Should I go for the sushi or the meals? Pho or noodles? It’s always such a tough decision for me when eating out, but finally me, myself and I came to a conclusion.

I started off with a glass of the Mangosteen sangria- always love a nice, refreshing glass of sangria. The tropical touch was really what got me, plus it seemed to be a pretty good compliment to just about anything. Too bad the sangria was nothing special. Where were the mangosteens?! Where was the tropical touch?! It wasn’t bad by any means, but I was just a bit underwhelmed. Plus, the 9 dollar price point is fairly high for Myrtle Beach in general, except for the real high-end places around town.


From there I ordered the sambal beef and kimchi dumpling and the Hamachi sashimi ceviche. While I am partial to even the dough-heavy standard Chinese variety, these dumplings rocked my world. Not for the faint at heart, they are really heavily spiced and pack a punch in the flavor zone. The strong sambal sauce stood up well to the beef filling, or vise versa maybe. A serving of 4 dumpling cost 5 dollars. This was a good price in my opinion considering these puppies were delish!


Now on to the main meal, if you can call it that! My hamachi sashimi ceviche was the definite low point of the meal. I was super excited for this because it’s not too often that I go out for sushi/sashimi here. A tiny bowl was packed with lettuce and topped with those crunchy wonton sticks. Under those were a few segments of orange and 6 small chunks of raw tuna. Who did they think they were feeding, an ant? Come out, come out lil’ tunaz. I definitely think that the protein portion was way to small, especially considering this salad cost 11$. Plus, the bowl was so small that I couldn’t even mix up the salad and get the soy sauce-based dressing distributed evenly over the tuna and lettuce. The salad was served with plantain and sweet potato chips, but I couldn’t help but feel cheated.

So, I was happy with those dumplings. The next time I go back I will be excited to try the other varieties they offer. I won’t make the same mistake by ordering the salad though! I’ll most likely the pho. Or laksa…. Or ramen…. Or everything! (Research, you know?!)


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