Dead Dog Saloon in Murrell’s Inlet, SC

There are some pretty classic places around town-Dead Dog Saloon in Murrell’s Inlet is definitely one of them!


While we have a beautiful coast, there seems to be a lack of true waterfront restaurants around Myrtle Beach. (Here I am missing of those quaint Italian places literally on the beach!) If waterfront dining is what you are looking for, the Marsh Walk restaurants are definitely a great place to go.

Dead Dog Saloon looks over the natural salt water estuary in Murrells, just south of Myrtle Beach. The view is to die for and the food isn’t bad either. The ambiance, though, is just to die for. It’s not a surprise my parents love this restaurant and so do a lot of the people I work with. Wednesday we went there for a little lunch celebration!

The first thing that made me like the place is the fact that they bring you out complementary hush puppies and butter! Yum! These were fried up to a deep golden perfection and served with sweet butter. Definitely a more appropriate way to start off a meal than your run-of-the-mill bread!

Their lunch menu runs a pretty standard roster of sandwiches, soups and burgers. The appetizer list is long, but we decided to forgo them for this visit at least!



One of my coworkers (Hey Justin!) had raved about one of Dead Dog’s sandwiches, the Tender Bites Hoagie. On his suggestion, I was pretty set on going with that. Thin slices of filet were topped with a balsamic sauce and a sprinkling of asiago cheese. This was served on a small sub roll with lettuce, tomato and onion. I did enjoy this sandwich, but I probably wouldn’t put it on my list of go-to items. The slices of filet were a bit too thick to be able to bite off easily. Also, the sauce could have been a bit thicker in my opinion. This was served with fries, which were nice and crispy. This was $14.95, which seems to be a fair price considering the quality and the price.


I also tried two of the Dog’s fried offerings. The chef got the shrimp Po’ Boy. Fried shrimp were piled high on a roll and topped with a nice remoulade-like sauce. This too was served with fries and cost $12.95. My dad got the Fish and Chips ($10.95), which was really good! The flaky white fish was fried to a crispy perfection in a panko breadcrumbs. Topped with a healthy dousing of malt vinegar, this was a winner in my book.

There are so many yummy looking items on the menu-next time I am already fixing on getting the BBQ Sampler platter!!


On another note, were you wondering why it’s called the Dead Dog Saloon? Well, I thought it was just a name, right? Nope! On the way in, I noticed the walls lined with pictures of dogs! Cute, but they are all…DEAD! (And yes, I got a bit teary eyed!)

Dead Dog Saloon

4079 Hwy 17 Business

Murrells Inlet, SC


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