About Go Eat Repeat

Once you start exploring, you realize how much you have to see. I haven’t been everywhere or tried everything, but it’s on my list!

Go Eat Repeat is my way to share the world’s best food and coolest sights with you. I try to write about a little bit of everything, although food is always on the top of my list! Trying out new restaurants and local specialities never gets old to me!

Food has always been an important part of my life. I grew up helping my grandma in the kitchen and picking up new vocabulary from Richard Simmons’ cookbooks. (Seriously.) Many an egg were thrown out in my attempts to recreate (sans recipe) treats from ‘Great Chefs of the World.’ (Yes, the one on public access without recipes. Was I really that weird?) The passion for local, homemade specialities came to me while living in Italy for about 7 years and noticing how every little city has their own special traditions and foods! From there, I have travelled around quite a bit, always trying out as much food as a stomach can handle.

Alba, Italy, 2013
Alba, Italy, 2013

Got tips for me? Restaurants to visit? Sights to see? Stores to shop at? People to meet? Feel free to contact me at goeatrepeat@gmail.com I would love to hear from ya!

Baylon Temple, Cambodia, 2014
Baylon Temple, Cambodia, 2014

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